Friday, October 9, 2009

Some Query Tips

  Personally I have been working extremely hard on writing the perfect query letter. The query letter which will amuse my perspective agent, and bring my novel to success. Of course it is much harder then we think. Firstly I beg you not to hurry off sending your query. This way you will send a horrid query to your favorite agents and then you will regret it. Yes, I had done that quite a lengthy time ago, though after I received my first rejection and realized that the query was completely confusing I worked hard to make it perfect. only did I brush off my query to perfection but I also happened to change my manuscript quite a bit. I mean my antagonist and protagonist practically switched. Secondly you need a hook. Seriously you need it. Here is an example of a hook:

An epic tale of fathers and sons, of true friendship and betrayal, that takes us from our dynasty to the next in a striving society of unearthly humans.

Well you see what I mean. Any who I will post more tips further on. Possibly a piece of my own query, yet that can only happen when my book will get published.